Icy Strait Self-Guided Arctic Cat Tour

Situated on Chichagof Island, Hoonah, a once thriving logging community, has miles and miles of logging roads through towering rainforest. This majestic place hosts scenery and wildlife that is second to none. It's not uncommon to see eagles, blacktail deer, and brown bear on this self-guided tour.

Set out on your rugged adventure to go where most others on your ship will never go and see what they will never see. We recommend you do something in Hoonah that you can't do in any other port in Alaska: explore Chichagof Island in an Arctic Cat all-terrain vehicle!

Our state-of-the-art vehicles are legal to drive in downtown Hoonah and are registered with the State of Alaska. We've equipped all our vehicles with hardtops, full windshields, rear windows, full doors, seat belts, and front & rear bumpers for your comfort and safety.

All vehicles are equipped with Garmin GPS Navigational Devices and pre-loaded with maps, points of interest, and scenic viewpoints.

TO BOOK: We have 3 different vehicles available to rent. There is a 2 seater (Arctic Cat), a 4 seater (Honda Pioneer 700), and a 5 seater (Honda Pioneer 1000). Please choose the number of passengers per vehicle type that you would prefer for your party.

Please note: All drivers & passengers must sign a waiver upon booking. All drivers must be at least 21 years of age and present a valid driver's license. Any damage to vehicles will be charged to a credit card at the conclusion of the tour.

Duration: 2.5 hours (Roundtrip from excursions hub.)


  • Roundtrip transportation from Icy Strait Point Excursion Hub
  • All vehicles are equipped with Garmin GPS Navigational Devices and pre-loaded with maps, points of interest, and scenic viewpoints.


  • Guests should dress in layers to plan for Alaskan weather.
  • All drivers must be 21 years of age and present a valid drivers license.
  • All drivers and passengers must sign a waiver the day of the tour.

Duration:  2.5 hours. Tour time below are approximate:

  • 20 minutes roundtrip transportation
  • 10 minutes of vehicle orientation and saftey briefing
  •  2 hours of self-guided driving exploration

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

All vehicles have a covered trunk area good for storage a couple of backpacks.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

We offer the local wholesale rates for all of our tours because we feel that everyone should get the same lowest price possible regardless of how many excursions you book. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

Do you offer tours for large groups?

Definitely, arrangements of tours for groups or large families are possible. Please contact us with your group requirements.

Can multiple families book this tour and be together?

Yes! Multiple families may join the same tour as long as adequate space is available and the maximum is not exceeded.

What happens if my ship is delayed getting into port?

If your ship is late, please call your tour operator so that your tour time can be adjusted. If an alternate tour time is not compatible with your schedule, your ticket will be fully refunded with no fees or penalty.

What if my tour is cancelled due to bad weather?

All tours that cancel because of weather will be fully refunded with no fees or penalties.

Where do I meet the tour operator to be picked up for my excursion?

After exiting your cruise ship, proceed ashore to the Icy Strait Point Adventure Center.  Once inside the Adventure Center, walk through the building and exit through door number 2 - this is clearly marked.  Follow the signs to the Excursions Hub where you will meet your Hoonah Travel Adventures representative. If you have any questions relating to a specific excursion, please contact the tour operator listed on your ticket.

How close is the pick-up location to the cruise ship?

This will vary from port to port. Most excursions meet you either in front of your cruise ship or within a maximum 5-10 minute walk from your ship unless otherwise noted. All pertinent directions and details will be listed on your ticket.

What happens if the excursion runs late and I miss my ship?

We guarantee that your tour will return on time. If you were to miss your cruise ship because the tour did not return on time, we will comp your hotel, food, and flight costs associated with meeting your cruise ship the next day. We have never had a passenger miss their ship.

Does the tour include transportation?

Yes. All tours pick up from the main cruise ship terminal and include round-trip transportation unless otherwise specified for the specific tour.

What if I am unable to print my ticket before I arrive in port?

All reservations are saved under the name you purchased your excursions and are kept on file with your tour operator. Having your tickets in-hand is the optimal choice to avoid confusion because the directions and meeting instructions are included. Please contact us if you are unable to print the tickets.

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Number of Passengers *

See tour description for details on how to book.

Arctic Cat (Holds 2 Passengers): $280.13

See tour description for details on how to book.

Honda Pioneer 700 (Holds 4 Passengers): $337.00

See tour description for details on how to book.

Honda Pioneer 1000 (Holds 5 Passengers): $366.00

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