Northern Alaska Tours

In addition to tours throughout Southeast Alaska, we also offer adventures up in northern Alaska to round out your experience. Anchorage is Alaska’s most populated city, mixing metropolitan luxuries with wonders of nature. A whopping 40% of the state’s total population lives in Anchorage, only New York City beats that percentage.


Anchorage skyline and Bootleggers Cove as photographed from Point Woronzof Park on an April evening.

Anchorage, AK (Photo by Frank K / CC BY)

1. Anchorage Wildlife Tour 

It also hosts all kinds of tours that Alaska Shore Excursions is proud to offer: from trains, glacier walks, land tours and boat rides to city tours and trams. The Anchorage Wildlife Tour takes you to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see bears, musk ox, moose, elk herd, a caribou herd, and more wild Alaskan Animals.


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (Photo / CC BY

2. Denali Evening Getaway: Chena Hot Springs

The Denali National Park and Preserve is located in Alaska’s interior, centered on its namesake mountain - the tallest in North America. It’s also home to forests, tundra, and glaciers; not mention site of Christopher McCandless’ fateful adventure, or where the book and film Into the Wild took place. We’ve got all kinds of tours to offer you here, including several evening tours to take advantage of that midnight sun!


Image result for The Denali National Park and Preserve

Denali National Park and Preserve, AK (Photo / CC BY)


One of these night tours is our Chena Hot Springs Getaway, which starts with a scenic flight 125 miles north to the exclusive Chena Hot Springs Resort. Here you can unwind in the natural hot springs, take a swim, or enjoy a gourmet dinner at the on-site restaurant. Be sure to grab a beverage at the ice bar in the ice castle (you read that right) before you leave.


Image result for Chena Hot Springs Getaway

Chena Hot Springs (Photo / CC BY


3. Seward Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise

Seward, Alaska has many claims, most notably it’s being the start of the historic Iditarod Trail. Now it’s host to a famous dog sled race, but it was created to transport people and goods through the challenging terrain. It’s also home to several of our tours, with a couple that’ll get you up to Anchorage in style. Also, the Seward Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise features visiting the mighty Holgate Glacier which actively calves - where giant chunks of the glacier break off and crash into the water, revealing bright blue ice - and you can watch while feasting on salmon and prime rib.


Image result for Holgate Glacier

Calving ice at Holgate Glacier  (Photo / CC BY)


4. Whittier Blackstone Bay Glacier Cruise

What if nearly all of a city’s population was under one roof? Whittier Alaska answers this question with close to all 214 of its citizens living in the Begich Towers, which also connect to the city’s school via tunnel so the kiddos can get there safely get to school during harsh winters.  We offer a handful of tours in Whittier, two that’ll make getting up to Anchorage something to be remembered. Another features not one, but two tidewater glaciers and dozens of alpine glaciers. The Whittier Blackstone Bay Glacier Cruise is not to be missed!


Image result for Begich Towers

Begich Towers (Photo / CC BY)

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