Alaska Helicopter Tours

A glacial helicopter tour is a trip highlight for many Alaskan cruisers. Though the trip is often among the spendier excursions one can choose from, almost everyone agrees that they’re “worth every penny” and are “a once-in-a-lifetime experience” that the whole family can enjoy.


Helicopter Tour

Aerial View of an Alaskan Glacier (Photo by NOAA Photo Library / CC BY)

What to Expect on Your Helicopter Tour

Tours usually begin with an aerial view of some of Alaska’s most beautiful and majestic glaciers. The perspective on these vast and expansive rivers of ice is both humbling and awe-inspiring. While glaciers look big and beautiful from the ground, travelers can better comprehend their beauty and size from the sky.


Everyone gets a headset at the beginning of the flight, and the pilot talks through the sights as you fly over them - giving you stories and insights on the picturesque landscape.


Then, in what is many people’s favorite part of the trip, the helicopter lands on a glacier and passengers can step out onto the icy ground for a first-hand experience of what the Ice Age was like. Surrounded by mountains, with thick snow under your feet, you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime glacier experience.


Travelers get time to walk around and explore the glacier and to ask the pilot questions before boarding the helicopter again and returning to port.

Helicopter Tours and Dog Sledding

Some helicopter tours take passengers to a musher’s camp, where they can experience an Alaskan favorite activity, dog sledding. Dog sledding tours allow you to experience the thrill of climbing aboard a sled and being pulled by Alaskan huskies along the surface of a glacier. A dog sled and helicopter tour is fun for everyone, but it’s an especially great option for families with kids and teenagers.

Recommended Tours in Juneau

Juneau offers helicopter tours with glacier landings and helicopter tours with dog sledding options. These are our favorites:


Extended Juneau Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour

Juneau dog sled tourThis 3.5 hour trip is jam-packed with adventure, giving you 25-30 minutes of flightseeing, 1 hour at dog sled camp (where you get a kennel tour and a dog sled ride), and 15 minutes of a second glacier landing.

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Juneau Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour

Juneau dog sled tourThis tour gives you helicopter flightseeing and a landing a musher’s camp, where you’ll get a kennel tour and a dog sled ride.

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Juneau Icefield Excursion

Enjoy majestic views as you ride in a helicopter, then land upon a glacier. You’ll take a relaxing stroll along the glacier’s surface.

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Recommended Tours in Skagway

Skagway Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour

Skagway dog sleddingVisitors to Skagway can take in the views while helicopter flightseeing, then land at a musher’s camp for dog sledding adventures.

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Skagway Glacier Discovery Tour via Helicopter

Travel to one of Alaska’s remote glaciers via helicopter. Then, walk along its surface and discovery its mystery and majesty, reminiscent of the Ice Age.

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